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Staff Care: How to Prevent Ministry Burnout Among Church Staff

What can employers do to prevent burnout among staff?

Staff Care: How to Prevent Ministry Burnout Among Church Staff
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In a normal year, pastors and church staff face incredible challenges and stress as they seek to serve the local church. In a year like 2020, burnout is probably a reality for most church staff members. Serving outside their comfort zones, working beyond their job descriptions, and handling the chaos of a global pandemic has pushed many pastors and staff to the breaking point.

What can employers do to care for their staff and to prevent burnout?

The problem with your employees right now is that:

  • There are no boundaries between home & work.
  • There is no break, and they are not really taking a Sabbath.
  • Ministry staff are stretching in areas that are not in their wheelhouse.
  • They have kids at home trying to do school.
  • They are caring for everyone else—but not themselves.
  • They are worried—All. The. Time.
What can employers do?
  1. Make staff care a priority.

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