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The Future of Work in the Church

What does the future hold for work in general? And how might that impact work in the church?

Everything about work is changing—even in the church. Are you prepared for the future of work in the church?

Shifts in the secular workplace have already impacted the shape and structure of ministry in the church. But what does the future hold? And how can leaders prepare?

Bob Cartwright, Chair of the Texas Future of Work Task Force, joins host Aaron Hill, along with a panel of experts, to discuss how shifts in the secular marketplace may impact the following in the church:

  • Giving and budgets
  • Leadership and teams
  • Employee hiring and retention
  • Remote work
  • Office space
Learn more about our panelists

Bob Cartwright | President & CEO, Intelligent Compensation

Joseph Kopser | Joseph Kopser, Grayline Group

  • Connect with Joseph on LinkedIn

Christy Cardenas | Head of Research & Data, Mercury Fund

Rich Froeschle | Sr. Labor Market Economist, Texas State Technical College

Further reading

While it is impossible to make predictions, solid research and discussions with experts can give us glimpses of the future of work in the church.

Below are three examples of solid research and how they may impact the future of work in the church, and the church in general.

9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021 and Beyond by Harvard Business Review

Our Work-from-Anywhere Future by Harvard Business Review

  • Churches will face increasing pressure to focus on the mental health of their employees and help employees find a healthy work-life balance.
  • Work-from-home (WHF) or work-from-anywhere (WFA) will impact not only the composition of your congregation (lay leaders) but also your support staff.
  • Church employees will increasingly ask, “Do we have to be in the office 5 days a week?” As a result, churches will need to think through what a productive, healthy work week and a wise use of office space (your facility) looks like.

The Ageing of America’s Pastors by Barna Research

  • Older pastors will increasingly seek to retire or begin transitioning out of full-time work.
  • Hiring, retaining, and even training up younger pastors will be crucial to the near and long-term success of your church.
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