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How to Revise Job Descriptions: Updating Roles in Light of COVID-19

How can (and should) your church handle job descriptions?

How to Revise Job Descriptions: Updating Roles in Light of COVID-19

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Whose job is it anyway?

Up-to-date and realistic job descriptions are crucial ministry tools, but how many churches have them?

COVID-19 and a shift to hybrid ministry in 2020 has rendered many existing job descriptions obsolete. In this member-only webinar, Aaron Hill sits down with Tiffany Henning, Founder of HR Ministry Solutions, to discuss why and how churches should update job descriptions.

Members will learn about:

  • The legal and practical reasons why churches should write and revise job descriptions.
  • The how of job descriptions: ten basic steps, templates, defining a star profile, “stay interviews,” and using them to conduct performance reviews and regular coaching.

Tiffany also fields a number of in-depth questions from members: including at-will statements, physical and spiritual requirements, and much more.

This webinar ...

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