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What is the Salary Calculator?

What is the Salary Calculator? What makes it so powerful? And how can you use it to make informed decisions about compensation in your church?

What is the Salary Calculator? And what makes it so powerful? And how can you use it to make informed decisions about compensation in your church?

Church leaders struggle to set staff salaries. What are other churches paying? What is fair?

Pastors and staff who are seeking a raise or even a new job, also need help.

ChurchSalary is here to help you make an informed decision using our Salary Calculator, which is powered by the largest church-specific compensation database.

With this powerful tool you can generate custom reports for individual positions at your church.

What’s inside the report?

Getting good survey data is critical for reviewing and setting compensation at your church but it hasn’t always been easy for church leaders to obtain.

Thankfully, ChurchSalary has done the work for you. We have collected over 32,000 data points, and counting, from over 20,000 churches in America. Our Salary Calculator offers you a market survey of compensation data for similar employees, serving at similar churches.

Our powerful database uses the information you provide to analyze real salary data and provide you with a customized report.

Inside your report, you will find 6 to 7 sections:

  • Nationwide Salary Summary
  • *Localized Salary Recommendation
  • Salary Comparison
  • Employment Profile
  • Benefits
  • Cost of Living
  • Comparable Jobs

Download a sample copy of the report here.

How do you get started?

All you need to create your own custom report are a couple pieces of information:

  1. Select the position you are evaluating from our list of 18 options.
  2. Enter your zip code, or the zip code where the job is located.
  3. Provide some data on the employee and their salary—are they full-time or part-time, what degrees do they have, etc.
  4. Select the budget of your church (and the size/attendance in some cases).
  5. If you would like to compare cost of living data between two different communities, enter a second ZIP code.

ChurchSalary will use your information to generate a custom, detailed salary report.

Church leaders can use the Salary Calculator to perform salary reviews for staff at their church. Pastor or staff members can use the report to advocate for a raise or negotiate a salary for a new job.

To learn more about ChurchSalary’s reports, check out the rest the videos in our Understanding Your Salary Report series.

Thank you for choosing ChurchSalary. If you haven’t already consider taking our National Church Compensation Survey, especially if your church is handling things like compensation factors well. We want to hear about it. Together, we can help more churches.

Lilly Endowment

ChurchSalary is made possible through funding from the Lilly Endowment Inc. As part of Lilly's "National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders," ChurchSalary—and our parent, Church Law & Tax—is committed to helping church leaders and pastors develop an atmosphere of healthy financial stewardship, especially in the area of church staff compensation.